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Metrotown Chiropractic is an ICBC approved treatment centre for individuals involved in motor vehicle accidents. Under this program, ICBC pays the chiropractor directly. This creates a stress free environment so the patient can focus on his/her recovery and eliminates barriers to care.

What is whiplash?

Whiplash is an injury that can occur in any part of your spine and is a result of a sudden back-and-forth movement due to a change in velocity. Although commonly associated with motor vehicle accidents, whiplash can also occur from a sports injury or other trauma. Whiplash is characterized by muscle spasm, tension, and achiness. The symptoms commonly last for weeks or months with some cases lasting longer.

Why is chiropractic care helpful for whiplash?

Chiropractors use their hand to gently mobilize and work on the tissues around the spine to alleviate tension in the muscles and joints, the hallmarks of whiplash. It is a clinically effective therapy to help relieve symptoms and decrease pain levels.

How does direct billing with ICBC work?

  • If the date of your motor vehicle accident was before April 1, 2019:
    • Please bring a physician’s referral for professional ICBC chiropractic treatment to your first appointment
    • After our chiropractic treatment clinic in Burnaby receives approval from your claims adjustor, you can go ahead and start treatment
  • If the date of your accident was after April 1, 2019:
    • You’re likely pre-approved to visit a chiropractor that provides effective MVA, ICBC chiropractic treatment
    • Provide your claim number and the date of the motor vehicle accident to our front desk
    • If your visit to our clinic is more than 3 months after the date of your accident, please remember to bring a referral note from your family physician
Can I see other practitioners simultaneously I’m obtaining quality ICBC chiropractic care for my whiplash symptoms?

Absolutely! At Metrotown Chiropractic, we love collaborating with your massage therapist, physiotherapist, kinesiologist, or acupuncturist. Feel free to inform us who you’ve seen before and what treatment modality seems to be providing you with the best results.

Have a lawyer? No problem. This program works extremely well with those who have legal counsel.

Dr. Merani is an ICBC Approved Chiropractor, and looks forward to accelerating the healing process after an accident. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our office in Burnaby, BC for more information or to schedule an appointment for ICBC MVA chiropractic care– we aim to make the process as simple and as efficient as possible.

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