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Many people who have been struggling with pain or chronic health issues for years often see remarkable progress after just a few treatments.

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Metrotown Family Chiropractic is a professional, ICBC-approved treatment centre situated in Burnaby, BC.


The mission of our chiropractic centre is to provide you with safe and
effective treatment that is personalized to you and your specific condition. 


We make sure to listen to you and let you know that we genuinely care about helping you get better.


We will help you understand what is causing your specific condition, and provide you with ways to help prevent it in the future.



Burnaby’s Choice for Friendly, Knowledgeable and Effective Chiropractic Care


Experiencing Back Pain?

Our Burnaby Chiropractor treatments are effective for managing low, mid and upper back pain caused by muscle, joint, or nerve irritation.

Car Accident 1

ICBC Injuries Clinic

ICBC covers Burnaby chiropractic treatments for whiplash, neck and back pain if you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident.


Neck Pain + Headaches

Our effective chiropractic treatments in Burnaby can help if you are suffering from neck pain or headaches which are often caused by tight muscles and joints

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Custom Orthotics in Burnaby

Ask your Burnaby chiropractor how custom orthotics can help alleviate your foot, knee, and back pain.


Meet Dr. Hafeez Merani


Hello, my name is Dr. Hafeez Merani and I’m the owner of Metrotown Family Chiropractic.


You may be wondering why I decided to become a chiropractor, and how I came to be here with you today.


It all started when I began experiencing lower back pain in my teenage years.

At the time, I was trying to play the sports that I loved, maintain an active lifestyle, and enjoy time with my friends at school.


Since I was struggling with back pain, it kept me from being able to do the things I loved to do. As I tried to seek out different therapies, I was getting more and more frustrated with conventional approaches that only helped for a short amount of time or not at all.


Then something terrible happened: I wasn’t able to do even some of the simplest everyday tasks like going for a morning jog. This meant I couldn’t continue living an active lifestyle, which has always been my passion. As you can imagine, I was deeply concerned, but I wasn’t ready to give up on my dream of living a healthy and active life.


Then a friend of mine introduced me to his father who was a chiropractor, and although I went into the clinic with low expectations, I was shocked to see the difference chiropractic care could make in such a short amount of time. At that point, everything changed!

I discovered how to significantly reduce my back pain and maintain my back health through targeted exercises and stretches.


Looking back in time, this pivotal moment demonstrated to me how chiropractic care can be incredibly helpful and has led to fueling my successful practice whose goal is to help our patients manage their pain and become their optimal selves.


Now I work hard to stay healthy and active using the techniques I learned (and now teach) to prevent recurrence of back pain. By sharing my first experience and chiropractic journey with you, I hope it can inspire you to live a healthy and active life too!

What Our Patients Say

We Provide Safe, and Effective Pain Relief Treatment for The Following and more:

Insurance Direct Billing

We Love to Direct Bill Your Insurance Company! At Metrotown Family Chiropractic, we take great pride in customer service and helping our patients. One way we do this is by direct billing your insurance company. Simply bring in your policy card, and our trained front desk staff will submit your claim on your behalf if your policy is enabled to do so.

Below you will find pictures of the most popular extended health insurance providers we do direct billing for. Feel free to click on the link for your provider to access their online portal. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact our clinic.

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An ICBC Injuries Clinic for Chiropractic Treatment in Burnaby

Metrotown Family Chiropractic is an ICBC approved treatment centre for individuals involved in motor vehicle accidents. This means, ICBC pays the chiropractor directly, which creates a less stressful environment for you, so you can focus on your recovery.

WorkSafeBC Chiropractic Treatment in Burnaby

WorkSafeBC Chiropractic Treatment in Burnaby

Got in a workplace injury? Have some pain, stiffness or soreness that just won’t go away? WorkSafeBC trust chiropractors to get you back to work faster! This is why WorkSafe has a program with chiropractors to ensure that you don’t have to pay anything out of pocket! At Metrotown Family Chiropractic, our chiropractors bill directly to WorkSafeBC and you don’t have to deal with any payments.

Looking for Massage Therapy in Burnaby?

Massage therapy has been shown to be helpful and effective in the treatment of a number of conditions, including soft tissue injuries, neurological disorders and joint pain. Be sure to visit our sister site at metrotownmassagetherapy.com to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

How Do I Book an

Please book an appointment by TEXTING US or CALLING our office at 604-430-1525 to book an appointment. Services may be covered by MSP, ICBC, WCB and extended health plans. Walk-ins are welcome (and subject to practitioner availability) and no referral is necessary.

Meet the Metrotown Family Chiropractic Team

Our Burnaby Chiropractic team is not only skilled and professional, but we are also very friendly and kind. From the moment you walk into our clinic and are greeted by our friendly staff, to the time you walk into the doctor’s office, you are always genuinely listened to and understood.


Our clinic is composed of experienced chiropractors and staff who have built an excellent reputation for providing effective evidence-based health care to patients in the surrounding community of Burnaby, and the adjacent areas.

dr-hafeez-Merani-best burnaby-chiropractor

Dr. Hafeez Merani


rob-hemsworth Metrotown family chiropractic registered massage-therapist

Rob Hemsworth


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Yolanda Fu


Gina bio

Gina Shon


Get Your Free Copy of Dr. Hafeez's Ebook Series

If you’re looking to improve your life, look no further!


Dr. Hafeez is an award winning Burnaby chiropractor and his books are filled with valuable information that you can use to improve your life.

What Does a Chiropractor Do, Who Needs It, Does It Hurt and How Often Should You Go? We’ve Answered Every Chiropractor Question You Have!
How Much Are Custom Orthotics and Who Needs Them? We’ve Answered Every Custom Orthotics Question You Have!
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Dr. Hafeez Merani, DC - One of Burnaby's Best Chiropractors for 2022

Metrotown Family Chiropractic is proud to be named as one of the best chiropractic clinics in Burnaby, BC once again for 2022. Dr. Hafeez Merani was awarded the recognition for consistently providing high quality chiropractic services in Burnaby, BC and exhibiting continued excellence in patient care and satisfaction.


Being named one of the best chiropractors in your local region by Three Best Rated is one of the most respected industry accolades a chiropractor can claim. Having been judged against dozens of chiropractors across the Burnaby region, Dr. Hafeez Merani was deemed to be one of the city’s very best solutions and looks forward to helping you with your muscle and joint pain.


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